• Is your sensitive data really safe?

    Protect the personal data stored in your documents with the latest in anonymisation software.



  • The problem

    Changes to Regulatory powers that govern data security will mean that it is very likely most organisations will be at risk of failing the most fundamental GDPR compliance test. If the worst thing happens and a data breach occurs, the consequences could mean personal fines for board members and in extreme circumstances custodial sentences.


    Transaction data held within content collaboration sites e.g. virtual data rooms are particularly vulnerable. In December 2014, a major incident involving theft of M&A data by a group of hackers dubbed "Fin 4" saw an increased concern for data security in M&A transactions. Given the ever-sophisticated evolving threat landscape coupled with new EU data protection laws now in force since May 25th, 2018, Dataroom providers and especially end users should increase their awareness about data security exponentially so that breach attempts can be minimised.


    The European Union's new General Data Protection Regulation demands that stored data on people in the EU undergo either an anonymization or a pseudonymization process.


    The truth is that data breaches today are inevitable. Sooner or later, you’re going to get attacked, and when that happens the regulators will investigate closely whether you did enough to keep your customer and employee data safe and secure. The GDPR also grants new rights to data subjects to complain about aspects of your data handling and protection. It will enable breach victims to launch joint legal cases against organisations more easily.


    How prepared are you and your organisation in preventing data breaches and managing Information Security in a way that minimises the effect of malicious cyber-attack or an accidental breach event?



  • What we do

    Anonymization is the process of either encrypting or removing personally identifiable information from data sets so that the people whom the data describe, remain anonymous. Isolating and protecting your sensitive data is the foundation for proper governance, data security and control.


    Guardum is the world’s simplest business app for cyber resilience and data governance, with a focus on protecting unstructured data held on third-party content collaboration platforms e.g. data rooms. A simple three step process helps you to define the relevant personal identifiable information, apply anonymisation and or intelligent redaction techniques, whilst continuing to scan and protect the data environment.

    In control of your data

    GuardumProtect™, is our fully documented object orientated API set which allows your development team to control exactly how these extensions to your solution are implemented and deployed.


    By allowing the implementation to work alongside and within your existing solution, there is a significant data governance advantage over external third party cloud based solution providers in terms of time lag and cost. Whilst compliance and due diligence platforms are necessary in order to maintain good security and governance, they are undoubtedly a tiresome cost centre for organisations. Not anymore. Data room and eDisclosure platform providers for example, can now turn what traditionally was a commoditised product offering into a revenue generating model.


    Security of data

    With a proven solution already deployed, access to the document, via our API you retain complete control of the environment and documents being scanned.


    GuardumProtect™ is equipped to cope with the task of data anonymisation using a variety of data masking techniques including: Redaction, Scrambling, Anonymisation, and Redaction.


    Anonymisation techniques are encouraged within the GDPR as part of a good data governance regime. Ultimately, implementing a "privacy by design culture" through clever automation of these various tools will reduce the cost of compliance.






    Integrating with your solution directly, GuardumProtect™ allows the information to be processed locally so there is no delay.


    Processing alongside your solution means there is no additional bandwidth required.















    Platform agnostic

    Our solution supports and can be integrated into the following environments:

    • Microsoft Window
    • Lamp Stack
    Our software can be integrated seamlessly within your own solution and is compatible with .NET, Python, Mono or Java environments.
    GuardumProtect™ has been developed by network security professionals in response to the new data protection requirements exercisable under the GDPR, and is a member and contributor to the UKAN network (the UK Anonymisation Network). UKAN has been set up as a means of establishing best practice in anonymisation and aims to maximise the value of data, minimise the risks to privacy and preserve public confidence by collating best practice in anonymisation from a wide range of experienced practitioners.
  • 25% of employees

    Would sell company data for less than $8,000

    90% of tech crimes

    Committed by employees

    40% of breaches

    are carried out by insiders

    $3.6 million

    The cost of a single breach

  • Solutions


    Personal information protection on an enterprise scale

    Software that can find personal information in unstructured files (documents, email archive etc.) provide a DPIA which ranks the data on how sensitive it is using a unique algorithm and then automates the data protection process by applying either a redaction mask or anonymisation if the native file is available.


    Digital mail room app

    GuardumDigitalMail is a standalone Digital Mailroom app which integrates with existing scanning software and applies personal information classification, risk rating and protection. The software Streamlines the capture of incoming mail—including paper, email, fax, or at the Point of Origination —and deliver structured electronic information to your bank’s business systems so that you can read it anywhere in the world in real time.


    The ultimate in Data Subject Access Request Tools

    Receiving a DSAR (Data Subject Access Request) can be a headache for organisations to comply with given the disparate nature of where the data resides, coupled with the aggressive timing imposed by the regulator to respond (30 days). GuardumDSAR™ is a bespoke product which uses the Ufoundme™ technology to locate personal information on individuals, organisations, clients, IP, trade secrets etc whose details might not be known.

  • use cases

    Subject Access Requests

    This right, commonly referred to as subject access, is created by section 7 of the Data Protection Act.


    A response to any request is expected within 30 days of the submission, under the newly implemented GDPR. GuardumProtect™ provides lightning-quick identification and isolation of sensitive data not only for the requesting data subject, our algorithm also identifies personal information relating to other data subjects (even if their name is not known) and offers a choice of intelligent content masking, anonymisation or redaction techniques to comply with the GDPR.

    Virtual Data Rooms

    Anonymisation or Pseudonymisation are processes which reduce the risk profile within transactional data rooms. These techniques assist “data processors” in fulfilling their data compliance regulations and are "highly recommended" as a process within GDPR.


    Operational compliance is a major issue. Adding Metadata fields to make searching for hidden data much easier and automating the data classification process using GuardumProtect™for use in eDiscovery investigations to adhere to the new GDPR measures, will save time and cost.

    Virtual Board Sites

    Virtual Board sites contain not only commercially sensitive information, they also host highly sensitive personally identifiable information, which requires protection under the GDPR. Board names, addresses, telephone numbers, employee status and details of ethnicity the list goes on. Protect your data with this philosophy:


    Security of data during transfer - Data Masking? No. Encryption? Yes.

    Security of static data - Data Masking? Yes. Encryption? Yes.

    Continuous availability of data for applications - Data Masking? Yes. Encryption? No.

    Digital Mailroom

    Track, review and modify information at any point in the process via analytics dashboards; digital mailroom automation software can enhance decision-making based on real-time information to increase throughput and revenue generation.

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13.4	You may cancel the contract if an Event Outside Our Control takes place and you no longer wish Us to provide the Services.  We may cancel the contract if the Event Outside Our Control continues for longer than 2 weeks in accordance with Our cancellation rights in clause 14.

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18.7	Neither party shall commence any legal action against the other after the expiry of 6 years from the date the Services were last provided.


Our Fee for the Subscription Period of one year is (the full sum being due in either case):
£2,700 if paid by Monthly Direct Debit;
£2,500 if paid by one annual payment.
The Services will include the following:
•	Breach Notification Cover 
•	90-minute "taster" cyber security training course 
•	Information Security Seminar for Companies – Focused on industry types, an initial CDCAT cyber competency assessment (Cyber MOT), and a cyber essential examination. Included is any remedial action needed to successfully achieve certification at the basic cyber essential standard 
•	Initial GDPR assessment and status report